Thursday, 25 June 2009

thats right, i'm back. with more random crap.

Its good to be back, sorry i have kept you waiting. I have just been exceedingly busy with things in past weeks!

Where to start... lets seee...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

what a plank...

This is not Jamie, this is Sophie. I just had to write this though, since Jamie was such a plank earlier.

We had arranged to spend the afternoon at my house, meaning that Jamie would have to leave his. Unfortunately part this wasn't entirely successful.

Upon shutting and locking his front door (with his house key on the inside) he realised that his porch door was also locked. Picture: Jamie is now stuck is now locked in a large glass box on a boiling hot day with no immediately recognisable means of escape.

His solution? He calls me and tells me of his predicament, not to ask me what to do, but to tell me of his plan- there is a small, 10" window about 8 feet off the ground, which, he tells me, he can climb out of. Idiot.

He hangs up, chucks the scooter out of the window first (I know, he was planning to ride a scooter) then sets about squirming his way through this narrow gap.

10 minutes later he texts me: "ow. i did it"

He'd gotten stuck hanging upside down, hanging out of a tiny window, 8 feet off the ground.

When I called me back, he told me that he was shaking quite a bit as a result of hanging upside down, but "It's Ok, I'll just scooter over to your house". Hearing this, my mother (a nurse) pointed out that his blood pressure would severly drop, and would pass out on the way, so we drove to get him.

The saddest thing about this is probably the fact that all those who read this blog would probably have done the same thing.