Monday, 30 November 2009


Here is a short video blog i have made... I seem to be doing more of these. Oh well, there was no other way I could show you this.

Prepare to be amazed. People with a nervous disposition should mute the computer. You are quite possibly going to crap yourself when you see what I have done. It is a feat of acheivement that far surpasses:
  • The building of the golden gate bridge
  • The world cup win in 1966
  • Susan Boyle
  • The success of the Numa Numa guy
  • The votes for women campaign (oops sexism)
So here it is. If you like leeks, then you'll like this video.

Feel free to try it yourself, and rise to the same god-like level that I have as a result.

Fun Facts about leekspin.
  1. The Song is actually a looped version of the song 'Leva's Polka' sung by finnish band Loituma. It was released in 1995.
  2. The looped version only incorporates the section of the song which is essentially scat singing...
  3. The Song has got absolutley nothing to do with Leeks
  4. The Song has got absolutley nothing to do with the girl spinning the leek
  5. The girl spinning the leek is called Orihime Inoue
  6. She is from the manga 'Bleach'
  7. The looped track is exactly 27 seconds long
  8. The animation of her spinning the leek is 5 frames long
And thats all I know about leekspin. Its fair to say that it could be too much information...

The Accordio-blog

As some of you may already know, I have a new accordion. (This was another post that got deleted, gah) ... On the other hand, it is probably a bit of a farce to call it new... It is actually all the way from 1937 in Italy. Thats right, that makes it pre second world war. It is a lovely looking thing, but it doesn't half sound like it is pre war. Don't worry, at some point I will invest in fixing it up a bit!

So below is my first 'Accordio-Blog'. It is the video from when I first learned a few things on the accordion. (Yes, I know I said first world war in the video- I actually mean second world war.)

So there you are. Its true, I am currently working on the battery powered rock, but to be honest its not sounding brilliant at the moment... On the contrary, my accordion rendition of the leekspin tune is going very well...

Sunday, 29 November 2009


When Chris McGreal came to stay, we didn't really do much other thanchat and eat. This made a pleasant change, because sometimes my weekends end up being quite busy. On the friday morning, Chris queried how I used the morphing software on my blog. (I was just about to reference it, but unfortunately that was another deleted post). So I decided to give him a small demonstration. We both like predator, and i saw this as a challenge. So, in a short movie, here is what happened.

On a lighter note, on the friday evening we debated the pronounciation of the word 'escalope', as in chicken or turkey escalopes. (flat-ish fillets of breaded chicken or turkey). We came up with a few possible variations, all of which could be correct. Please shed some light on this matter if you know the answer.
  • Es - ca - loe - ps
  • Es - ca - lops
  • E - Sca - lups
Any ideas? All I know was, they were tasty with a bit of red sauce.

Stop your Wine-ing

This evening, me and Ollie decided to watch Alien vs Predator 2. However, we wanted beverages.. to drink while we watched the film. We headed off to the campus shop. We came across some wine which was on offer. Job done.

When we got home, I said to Ollie, "Wouldn't it be funny if it was possible to down a bottle of wine?"
At this point, I realised it could be possible... i figured that if I could down a pint then i could down a wine bottle at a push. So we tried it, and it worked... for me at least. I knew you guys wouldn't believe me, so I made sure the attempt was filmed just in case.

Needless to so, less than 10 minutes later, I was fairly giggly... and yes, I am aware of the wierd laughter I did after I won.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Disaster Blog.

So there you go, the rumours are true. I was being a prat and accidentally deleted a months worth of blog posts. Don't even ask what I was trying to do. Just the fact they ended up deleted. Try as I may to recover them, unfortunately there were no cached URLs for my blog, so none can be found on any internet archives. Also as another twist to this already horrible plot- the very day before I wiped my SD card on my camera to make space for new blog pictures. so none of the old photos could be retrieved either...

The only thing I can do to resolve this is to produce a list for future reference
of things that have happened in the last month.
  • I played a match of unicycle hockey, and scored three goals in the process
  • I rode a 36" unicycle called a 'coker' and i also rode a 6" mini unicycle
  • I had a gap from blogging to paint some eldar harlequins (warhammer)
  • Oli spent an 'undisclosed' amount of money on warhammer
  • i had Irish stew with an irish person
  • Oli built some home made chicken nuggets with tom 'man food' woollacott tried to steal
  • I have a new accordion from 1937
  • I learned how to use photographic morphing software
  • James strutt came to stay, and Oli made burgers
  • Wade and Ricky came over, and we drunk a hell of a lot of flanders beer
  • I built a wall out of flanders beer and bulmers bottles for my windowsill
  • People kept clogging up the fridge with useless items such as bread and marmalade
  • this made phil angry- he described him as 'worse than hitler'
  • I finished my lab report, thanks to a magic book that me and will found
  • There was some fog- i posted a picture of a particularly foggy day
  • I posted some pictures of Devon for my Friends in Bath to see
Well there it is. A not so detailed account of my last month of life. Unfortunately this also sets me back for my 100th blog celebration... despite the fact I have done 86, my blog thinks I have now done like 65.

This is what the disaster could be compared to.
  1. A bug's Life- the bit where flik destroys the harvest. He makes a machine that was supposed to harvest berries faster than 10 ants. But it went wrong. It ruined the harvest. But.. it was rebuilt. The ants were like- 'we're awesome' and beat up the grasshoppers.

2. Jurassic park- John Hammond was like, yeah lets make some dinosaurs from mosquito DNA and frogs. This will work.

3. The san fransisco earthquake- I know its pushing the boat out, but it feels like this to me. 80% of the city was destroyed, but over time it has been rebuilt. This is what is going to happen to my blog.

I will rebel against all that say I should quit, and deny the non-believers. I will soldier on and rebuild this blog to its former glory, and take it back to the level it once was. Tonight, we dine in hell. but soon, we will dine in... I dunno... Pizza hut?

Nonetheless, I will not fizzle out like some 90s fad, I remain for eternity as an undying force of nature. Unstoppable, unresting.

And there it is. prepare yourself for business as usual. despite the loss of many a good post- such .are the casualties of war. I will continue with my quest, whether fate likes it or not.

JD. Out.

Friday, 27 November 2009


Just accidentally deleted my 25 most recent blog posts. Life is so unfair. so many cool things happened... so many cool pictures lost forever... using my computer whizz-ness I was fortunately able to recover a few of the more recent ones, which i'll try and put up again. SADFACE.