Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Let summer begin!

So summer has officially begun for everyone. All of my old friends are back from Uni or College, so let the various parties and reunions begin! I feel I have not blogged recently, so I'll begin. Here come a number of posts about summer!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

James "Gigantor" Rooney

Yes, its true, my good friend Rooney from University had begun on the blogosphere. I look forward to reading his blog, Its gonna be good as it grows. I suggest you follow it, as it is only me at the moment. I guarantee you will be mildly entertained.

Awesome. Oh yeah, here is the link.

This and that (Rooney's blog)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

It may be tacky, but it was home

Well there we are. I have survived my exams, its all over. Summer awaits, and I can't wait to get started! Unfortunately this means I have to part with my room 11 in Eastwood 4. This place has been my home since last september, and I have met many good friends along the way. Fortunately, I am moving in next year with them all again (minus a few, cough cough) because I love them all so much.

So, my room is pretty much packed now. No posters, just bare walls and a stripped bed, which is kind of weird really considering this is supposed to be where all my creative explosions take place (but not in that way). I am just literally waiting for my parents to arrive and whisk me back to sunny (hopefully...) Torbay, where I will proceed to 'hang out' amongst my peers. It is nice to relax once in a while.

So as my supposed wealth of chemistry knowledge seeps out of my brain like a fully functioning seive, my thoughts turn back to the memories of Eastwood 4. Here is some polite Eastwood 4 trivia concerning my experiences here.
  • the first person I met in Eastwood 4 was Harry, which was... enlightening?
  • In the beginning, gareth shared his room (albeit humongous) with Mike Brookes, this northern guy who only seemed to eat microwave pizzas for the whole of freshers week
  • To my knowledge, a number of people have been sick in the shower
  • We all wished Haaziq had not left...
  • The kitchen has remained a state for the whole year, much to the despair of Oli.
  • We have had many Halo nights, and even a Halo LAN party between the us and some of the chinese residents of the house
  • To my knowledge, the kitchen has been filled with smoke about 10 times for various reasons, such as Oli burning a crepe in the microwave and the grill killing my naan bread.
  • Our grill is so powerful, even chuck norris is afraid. It literally burns EVERYTHING
  • I have essentially learned how to cook food this year
  • squirrels have been known to enter the kitchen in the last few weeks
  • We had a quote board on the go for a while. Hilarity ensued, and was subsequently written down
  • We actually finished a game of monopoly once
  • Me and phil have been woken up by all too literal banging noises coming from Andy's room. (Haaziq's replacement)
  • Tom Woollacott still is thin somehow considering all those venison burgers
  • We have watched many films in this house
  • The freezer died at one point, and the maintenance guy came over to fix it with screws and nails....
  • We built many Snowmen when snow day came around. One, an impressively tall 7ft.
  • Mega Bite was the preferred choice of takeaway because it is cheap and does kebabs
I could go on forever, need i mention the Half Time Pies and the eastwood badger, but I digest digress. I'm totally glad I didnt live in the posh accommodation with all the rich people, because I prefer the kind of people that don't mind or can't afford to live somewhere that is not lavish. My housemates this year were on the whole, awesome.

Not of course forgetting Eastwood 3, where would we be without the lovable James Rooney, we have shared many a coffee break and he is essentially our adopted housemate.

So this is it. The last ever blog from my rubbish little house on campus known as Eastwood 4. I would not have had it any other way. This is Jamie Duffield signing off from room 11 for the last time.