Friday, 24 July 2009

The first series of PINEHOUSE

After playing around some more with my animation software, i decided to build on the success of stick battle 1. I am in the process of making stick battle 2, but its taking ages because it will be longer.
In the meantime, i decided to take one of the successful elements of stick battle 1 (the appearance of ricky) and turn it into a spin-off series- PINEHOUSE: the adventures of ricky. This one below is the prototype that graham helped me make.

The next video is better, see what you think! If i get enough good response, i may turn this into a full series for your amusement. May even feature such appearances as Alan, or Mr. Can Opener.

I always wondered what it would be like to see Ricky falling over buckets. Well there you go.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Animazing... hehe

Today I have tried my hand at Stick figure animation. I downloaded some software and spend most of yesterday arsing around with it. Here is the fruits (albeit tasteless and deformed) of my labour. there happens to be a guest appearance of someone I made using a sprite designer... i wonder if you can work out who it is?

So as you can see, its pretty basic but nonetheless chuckle-worthy. Oh, and ricky, i hope my impersonation of you is up-to-scratch and representative of your mannerisms... we all know its true

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

We can't do anything without it being EPIC

Last weekend, Battery Powered plus Ricky went on a camping trip. In the morning, we were scheduled to play at Brixham Happenin', but that was called off on account of pesistent light rain... Nevertheless, we decided to go camping anyway.

We met up during the day for a bit of random jamming on Alan's Birthday. He went off to spend time with his family for a drink in the evening. Little did we know that was nearly the last we saw of him... He agreed to meet us in camp later.

Laden with survival tools such as Tea lights, alchohol, sweets, sausage rolls and beans ('boins'), we set off to a remote location set in from the coast. It was still raining. the vast majority of our clothes were non-waterproof. After reaching Battery Gardens, me, graham and ricky journeyed down the steep pathway to the camp location, nearly stumbling over the loose roots and stones. Wade caught us up, and we reached the shore with our bodies intact (!)
To our (not) surprise, it was still raining. as a result, we decided the proposed 'gypsy clearing' camp spot was too exposed and wet, so we set off slightly deeper into the woods to find shelter.

We found what would have been the perfect spot (if it wasn't raining) and set up camp.
Typically, Ricky mostly stood their like this while we set up the tents.

At the risk of ricky complaining that he did more, I do acknowledge that he did insert at least one tent peg.
After the night drew upon us, it was still raining. All of us were huddling in a tent, eating cold beans. We had had no word as yet from Alan, and were beginning to doubt whether he would make it. Ironically, we were sat drinking without him, in his tent, on his birthday.

I checked my phone, to find a text message that had found its way through the rain and poor signal from Alan saying 'Where the Feck are you guys?!' I took this as my final chance to try and reach Alan despite the low signal in the valley and the pitch blackness. Making my way to the shore from the woods, i picked up one bar of signal and tried to call Alan. Nothing. I then tried to call him again. Nothing. No network. EPIC.

Just when all hope was lost, i got through to his house phone, where Alan's dad picked up the phone. Below is the brief conversation that ensued...

Me: Is Alan there, please?

Alan's Dad: No, he's been looking for you guys. His phone is not working I think. He is at the top of Battery Gardens waiting for a lift from his mother, after giving up the search. If you run, you may just catch him... He... (crackle).. an.. (crackle... beeep.)

This was it. Signal had died. However, Me and Graham had no time to lose. We had a mountain to climb in the pouring rain and pitch dark, over dangerous ground if we were to catch Alan. This was sure to be EPIC. So we began, pegging it up the hill over roots and rocks, ignoring our previous hesitancy of the slippery ground. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, neither of us wanted alan to go home without us on his birthday. there was no time to lose. EPIC.

We reached the top of the Gardens just as Alan was about to get into his car. If Alan's mum had not overshot him on the road and forced Alan to jog a further 100 yards to reach the car, we would have probably missed him. EPIC.

We trailed back down to the camp, reassuring Alan that we had a fire on the go and some guiness to drink. Turns out that on his search for our site, even after following questionably accurate directions from Wade's dad, he came within 200 meters of where we were, but the wind, rain and darkness forced him to turn back. EPIC.

As for sleeping that night, Me and Graham shared a tent, and Alan, Ricky and Wade shared the other. However, for some strange reason, graham got up in the night and found his way into the other tent. this left me alone, cold and trying to ignore the rain pounding on the tent roof. The floor was uncomfortable and i was repeatedly disturbed in the night by what i can only assume was a vole or shrew or something similar. It continued to make annoying squeaky calls and venturing close to my tent!

However, in short, this camping trip can only be described and both the best and worst one i've ever been on. Happy 18th to Alan, 1up for you. here is some photographs of the (sunny. grrr..) morning after, were evrybody looks totally tired and haggard.

Wade, below after 2% sleep...

Alan, below after 0% sleep.
Graham, below, after 0% sleep...
Ricky, above, probably going 'a-huh-huh' at something.
Me looking very tired and disturbed after also 0% sleep

Two other funny anecdotes from the camping trip, the first being what you see below. this just happens to be the massive root the graham happened to have slept on top of after the tent was accidentally put over it...

Finally, what you see below is ricky moysey's response to 'please fold the tent to the size of the tent bag'. Take note of the size of the bag, followed by the size of the mess ricky has made with the tent.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Slow Walkers

If there is one thing in the world i could change... lets think... Famine? No. War? No. Stop disease? No. Kill all slow walkers? Yes.

In essence, most slow walkers are highly indecisive people, such cretins i would never associate with anyway. And to think i waste so much time walking angrily behind them in town, trying to get past, but remaining polite.

Problem 1:
They always seem to cluster together around town, and walk in horizontal arrangement down the pavement. This forces people who ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO to walk in the road briefly, endangering their lives including my own. It wouldn't be so bad if they walked in single file, away from shops.

Problem 2:
Why must they window shop? If you have no money, don't go into town. It also stops people who ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY from gaining access to shops. Hanging around the shops when you have no money is pointless.

Problem 3:
I am a runner. I have a low 'low-speed threshold'. I hat getting to places slowly if i know I can get there faster. people who are ACTUALLY QUITE CONTENT with having no point to their lives should move out of the way of people who ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE.

Perhaps I am blowing this out of proportion slightly. But nevertheless, ARGHLBARGHLAAAAAHHHH!!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Rowntrees (not) Randoms.

Building on a point made earlier by my good friend Ricky, he is indeed right when he states that Rowntrees so called 'randoms' are most definately not random.
They are in fact only as random as any other packet of run-of-the-mill sweets. There is a set amount of moulds that represent seemingly unlinked objects to make gelatin based confectionary.

However, I spotted a flaw already.

Just the fact that these objects were chosen for this product, groups them as pseudo-random objects. Strike one.

a striking difference between randoms and regular sweets, is the lack of theme. I'm fairly sure that is what they were going for. Even so, it is a poor choice of name. As we have already established, they are not random, so the most reasonable name is "Rowntree's non-themed gelatin moulds". strike two.

Finally, strike three, you always get more than one 'ice cream'... I rest my case. Crazy.