Monday, 4 February 2013

The return of Haaziq the Snowman

Today, I looked through a couple of my old blog posts. Somebody remarked on my relatively whimsical writing style, so I figured it couldn't hurt to briefly resume.

I don't like the new blogger interface. It is too new, and looks too simple and easy to use. Bring back old and complex, I say. Alas, it can't be helped.

In other news, I saw on facebook today that one of my old Eastwood 4 housemates, Haaziq Basir, has set the photo of 'Haaziq the snowman' as his profile picture. I found this rather intriguing for a number of reasons:

  • I haven't seen Haaziq for a number of years, so the photo is by no means current
  • Haaziq was just the nickname Tom, Phil and myself gave to the snowman in his absence
  • As a direct result, Haaziq himself is not actually in the picture
  • After having a quick stalk, Haaziq clearly HAS pictures of himself on his page that are good enough to choose over a snowman that we built..
  • The original snowman has of course melted
Its little things like this that make me chuckle. Thanks Haaziq!

Yes, this is currently the profile picture of someone I haven't seen for years. The snowman itself is not even a good likeness.