Monday, 30 March 2009

Teignbridge Ten

As most of you may know, i am in fact a long distance runner. This Sunday i competed in my first official ten mile race in kingsteignton. There was a good turnout from my club, (south devon AC) and all together there was around 300 runners on the day.

I started out at the front of the pack with the likes of the 10 mile veterans such as Peter Monaghan from Torbay AC, and started off strong in about 7th place for about the first 3 miles. However, not being as experienced as some of the seasoned runners, i soon found myself struggling to stay with the lead pack.

I made the decision to pull back slightly, because i knew i would not be able to continue this pace for a further 7 miles! by this time i also had stiched up a bit, so i just had to run through it.

I was overtaken by a few runners like David Tomlin and triathalete Helen Dyke in the process. About 6 miles in i spotted a fellow runner from my club, Rob leeke, appearing slightly behind me. I picked up the pace and tried to throw him off my trail, and i began to pull away coming up to the 8 mile mark.

Mind you, Rob is a very good runner and has been running for at least 20 years more than me- so i was unsurprised by the fact he overtook me a mile to the end.

I finished 12th place in 1 hour 2 minutes and 15 seconds.


Monday, 23 March 2009

The plain clothes clown strikes again...

for mothers day, my mum insisted that we took a family bike ride at some random cycle path. so naturally i did all 11 miles on a unicycle... Fun! My groin hurts now, slightly. but it was worth it, to continue acting as your friendly neighbourhood idiot!


Saturday, 21 March 2009

How is Graham Litt still alive?

Graham Litt, our drummer, defies death and serious injury. How? and Why? He seems to always have some kind of horrific injury, and it seems to be a new one each week. So how is he still alive? How does he heal? 

3 or 4 weeks ago, Graham broke his hand. Nice. He hit it one the wall or something and did his knuckles in. and yet, was still able to drum the following week? its true. His hand is basically fine now.
Not too long ago, maybe 2 weeks? Graham was training with the army and sustained a large bruise during an injection on his forearm. This bruise then became infected and he underwent severe internal bleeding in his arm. To the point were we could see the bruise noticably swelling as he drummed. Once again, he is healed. Some would say magically?

and yesterday, Graham was slightly late to band practice. When confronted, it turned out he had done something horrible to his ankle. It had swollen up like a melon, inflated slightly with more than the average amount of juice. But now today, the swelling has subsuided somewhat, and he is getting better.

Having a scientific mind, i have to tried to eliminate all the variables which i believe do not contribute to his amazing ability to heal fatal wounds. for example.

His racism
His homophobia
His mannerisms
the fact he ALWAYS sleeps naked?
His ability to turn corners in an unnecessarily flowing manner

On the whole, I have decided that he is healed only by the power of the word "Gloin?"

All praise "Gloin?".

The origin of the word 'Gloin?'

So I hear you wondering, what is the word 'Gloin'? (gl-oy-n) Well not many people are sure really. As for its context, well maybe i can help you understand.

It can be used as a exclamation:
"Hey guys! Gloin?"

A prefix:
"Lets get some (gloin?) Chinese!"

An adjective:
"Well thats just... Gloin?"

In place of an answer you don't know:
"What time is it?"

So there you have it. I have recently started studying Gloin?ology in order to understand its uses fully. I'll let you know if anything comes up...

Here is an artists representation of the word Gloin? for your amusement.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Totally addicted to blog

I've got 2 minutes left until I have to go to chemistry... And i need to post another blog. Whats wrong with me? I think i need help... blogging is cool though, rite?.... If there is anyone out there who can help me with this mindless addiction, please contact me.

On a lighter note, band practice looms and we intend to rock out the YES centre with our lame noise music stuff. Exciting? you bet it is. Will we be having special fried rice for tea? Hell yeah. Will there be beer? I god damn hope so.

Battery Powered raided my house when i was naked


So yeah i got home from running training, and my mother said, 'Oh Graham called. He said he would ring back at half past eight. You better shower quickly so you can pick up the phone when you get out.'
So I had a Shower.


Just had a shower, and was wandering around looking for some shorts to sleep in.
Doorbell rings
Mother shouts 'Uh, Jamie, your friends are here..!'

Turns out it was Alan, Wade and Graham at the door. Typically, they had gatecrashed my house at the only time i was naked that evening. 'Inadverted Perverts'

What the hell were they doing just at my house at 9pm? I hadn't even eaten yet.


I had been talked into embarking on one of their random magical mystery walks.

In conclusion, i have decided that my friends are both strange and accidentally homosexual.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oh Ricky....

Just for fun, here is my top ten list of Ricky Moysey's quotes:

  • "A HUH HUH HUH!"
  • God damn its f***in' SQUARE!
  • My foot just 'spazzed out'
  • What IS that?
  • They think they're 'cool and stuff'
  • 'I bet i could beat you by running down the car park' *slip*
  • Well that just Bullsh*t.
  • Its God damn Pikachu AGAIN
  • R.O.B is a dick.

Oh Ricky. He does absolutely nothing. EVER

I'm the plain clothes clown

Its cool that i've joined the infamous gaggle of bloggers that represents some of my group of friends... Kudos to you guys for introducing me to this 'new-fangled' method of communication'

I guess what i'm trying to say is... you are all losers... but now i'm one of you! Time to bust out a few blogs methinks.

So i'm the plain clothes clown. Kinda like a plain clothes cop, but i don't have a job. or a police car disguised as a regular car. Not even a unicycle diguised as a bike. I do a whole bunch of undercover clowning around that not even the most observant would ever find...

let me make this clear- i don't stop crime. So in advance, don't get on my case if your cat has been stolen. EVEN if its a really cool cat