Monday, 19 April 2010

The Contract of Revision.

Ok, here is the deal. Yesterday, I deliberatey did no work whatsoever. This is because it was such a nice day. I designated that day as my 'arsing around' day, in which I would just juggle and laze around in the sunshine. It was fair to say, it was a really good day in the end.

I got up early, and went down to the lake to practice juggling clubs at 10 in the morning. I then met up with Tom to get Pizza for lunch. Followed straight after by an hour of Unicycle hockey with the GV crew and some of the bristol unicycle hockey team, which was tiring but hilariously fun. We then went back to the lake and juggled, listening to 12 stone toddler and I fight dragons on markymark's speakers. We drank Pimms and lemonade, and when the clock struck six we popped back to my house to pick up BRAWL and my gamecube controller. Me, Giles, Bethany and Rich headed to Rich's house just off campus, and played the following games, all on their respective consoles:
  • Super smash bros. 64
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Super Smash bros. Brawl
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Wario Ware: smooth moves
We also had some food, and some drinks, so all in all it was a laugh.

So here is my plan. With a collosal amount of just larking around done on sunday, hopefully I would have got it all out of my system, in order to properly prepare for my exams. After my exams, I'll have 4 months of dossing around to do, so 4 or 5 weeks of solid work now is a good bargain!

Here is the deal or so called 'contract':
  • Any juggling done will be strictly in Gravity Vomit Practice sessions
  • Revise a good few hours per night
  • Revise maths EVERY DAY a little bit (my maths is so bad)
  • I have loads of new music, but will only listen to it if I feel I have done enough work
  • Revision will only stop for food, toilet, Dr Who, or Ricky and the Pigeons album release.
  • Recreational activities will be kept to a bare minimum, and once again only if I have done enough work.
  • NO ALCOHOL to be consumed
  • Don't go to bed later than midnight
  • Eat healthily
  • Revising outside is acceptable, but only if I am ACTUALLY working and not being asleep
  • Drink lots of water
  • Non essential blogging is banned
  • Non essential youtube browsing is banned
  • Facebook is exempt and so is skype, but not for long
This contract is in effect... NOW!

See you all in 5 weeks or so

New Music? OK, sure.

Recently, I have acquired a fair amount of new music, from Alan and Rich. I have given some of my music too, like some kind of cool trade system. Some of the new bands/ artists I have are as follows:
  • Weezer
  • Dandy Warhols
  • More Aquabats!
  • Tom Waits
  • Daft Punk
  • Flight of the Conchords
  • More Zelda music!
  • The Hercules soundtrack (he can't control his strength!)
  • The Avenue Q soundtrack
And some bands that I dont really listen to but have been told I will like
  • The Pillows
  • The Mars Volta
  • Laugh and Beats 
  • The beatles?
  • Rage against the Machine
  • The Crystal Method
  • The Black Mages
  • Million Dead
So, there we are.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pigeons, assemble an album!

Yes, thats right, the news you have all been waiting for is finally here.

Ricky and the Pigeons have finished recording our first album. 10 tracks.

The album is currently in the production line in the hands of soundman Tom Crump.

stay tuned.

Is the dark side really the dark side?

I know I have always condemned the release of Pokemon on the nintendo DS, about how it had all gone too far past the first 150... but something made me realise that it is not bad.

Let me outline a few things, using valid examples. I dislike it when the game format of a classic is changed to fit a more generic modern audience. this sucks. For example, Sonic the Hedgehog is now 3D, has a storyline, races cars, turns into a werewolf, has a sword, etc etc. WRONG WRONG WRONG. This tampers with the very essence of why i fell in love with the original scroll platform games.

another Example, Crash Bandicoot. OK, Crash team racing was awesome. But in the pusuit of new grounds to break, they have ruined what he was about. they have given him stupid abilities and remodelled him to look more modern.

The above arguments, I used to use when condemning pokemon diamond and pearl. But recently i have relaised that in fact, the Pokemon franchise has not fallen into the same trap as poor sonic and crash. they have consistently made good games which simply build on the last. The music is essentially the same, the battle style is the same, and the game design and layout is still the same. People of our generation mostly reject any version of pokemon past ruby and sapphire. I believe this is just lack of nostalgia. Sure, you will never beat the original, because it is the original. The oldest and most famous pokemon will always be the most popular.

But I thought, screw it- the reveiws were bloody good- so why not. So I have bought a DS and pokemon Diamond and am currently having a whale of a time. I even had the audacity to put a Sudowoodo sticker on it.

I must also give massive Kudos to the guys behind the legend of Zelda. My god you guys cant put a foot wrong. EVEN in DS.

Old Games must be kept safe at all costs

While at home for Easter, I found surviving functioning cartidges of Super Mario Land 1, Super Mario Land 2: 6 golden coins, and Dr. Mario.

I have taken them into my own personal care.

I also tried to complete 6 golden coins but got stuck at wario castle AGAIN. No checkpoints, lava is a 1 hit KO, i swear it is impossible.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Woodlands adventure?

It was about time everyone got together and did something as a group again. So we all went to woodlands instead of doing something cool. (I joke, I joke)

Here is the team photo.

Well, needless to say, it was reasonably fun. We all ran around like children and played on the "death" slides. Some classic photographs were taken (for more see mine or Tom Wood's album on facebook) but here is an example of one.

Ricky, doing "the ricky" pose. I must note that Ricky, being a ranger at Woodlands, was in work on his day off, and subsequently recieved casually confused looks from fellow employees.

 I must also note that this was the first time that I had seen Alan's 'full beard' look 'in the flesh' if that makes sense. Here it is in all its glory (so far)

The day was plagued with short outbursts of heavy rain which caused a massive toboggan crash at high speed. Injuries were sustained to a few including poor Sophie who did her best to bail out, but all in all it was very dangerous, oh my god someone could have died cool.

We rounded off the day with inventive use of ziplines.

A cool bit of Devon I have never been to

At the beginning of the easter holidays, I went out with Sophie for a walk around berry head. I was aware of the fact it was a nice place to go, but had never really been there because i had no reason to. I assumed that because I had seen the views from the berry head hotel, i was not missing much. Well, I was wrong

We had a wonderful time, lots of boyfriend girlfriend casual banter as always. We went into the bird hide to see if we could spot many cliff birds. It was odd, because we could hear about 100 birds making very loud laughing noises, but could only see about 4. We decided that the most likely explanation was they were laughing at us because they were so well hidden.

We then moved on to what i have been told is Europe's smallest operational lighthouse. Needless to say I was unimpressed. It really is quite pathetic but somehow the tourism agency has turned around the fact that their lighthouse is the most pathetic in europe, and turned it into a good thing becaus it is 'unique'.


We had a look at the old ruins of the forts in the area and tried to imagine was it was like defending a seige. We gave up, and I climbed this pole instead.

 It was fun, and a very nice day out with Sophie.

I'm sorry- no excuse but I'm back.

Dear readers, I apologise about my distinct lack of recent bloggery. However, I have a valid reason. Too many things happened that were cool enough to blog about. So rather than do them, I omitted them (don't worry, all be up in due course). As it stands, I have a number of things to do that are far more important, but quite frankly i believe neglecting all 12 of my readers is worse than completing university level work.

So, prepare yourself for a barrage of posts concerning the easter holidays that should have been written at the time. I appreciate that this in no way will appear to be in chronological order, moreover in reverse due to the nature of update notifications via your blogger accounts. All I can say to that is, meh.

To be honest, I write things on my blog because I do not wish to forget experiences- for example, looking back in 10 years and remembering how lame cool battery powered was.