Monday, 27 September 2010

What happened with University and stuff

Just to get this out there, yes, I have left Bath University for good. I will not be going back nor living in Bath this year.

It is a massive shame for me, because of all the good people and things i had to leave behind. For quite a while I already knew that doing Chemistry was not what I wanted to do. You may be wondering, well why did you do it then? Well there is a combination of reasons.

  • It would have been an impressive degree to get, that would set me up for almost any job I wanted
  • Bath was a very nice place
  • I was interested in science
So there are my reasons. When I got there, I realised I was being asked far more of me than I could give. I have never had a knack for maths, and having done 1 year of a chemistry degree I can honestly say it is just maths and physics in disguise. I quickly realised that most people on my course had an A at maths A level, whereas I used my A in fine art to 'sneak' onto the course through a loophole of some description. So great, I could paint very well and talk to you for hours about MC  Escher but could I integrate complex numbers? well, no.

So I was struggling. I hear you all saying, ok that makes sense but why did you not leave earlier?

I had some of the greatest friends I have back in Bath, and I could not bear to leave them. I had joined the juggling club and learned so much and met some amazingly talented people. The area was great for my running and there was a pub that sold my favourite beer on tap. It literally could not have worked out any better for me. ... However, I was not there because of those things. I was there, at the end of the day, to do a degree. And so, when it all collapsed in on itself it dawned on me that I had to sort out my priorities and leave.

It wasn't easy, there was a number of things I had to sort out.
  • Leaving itself- there was paperwork
  • Student finance
  • I already was stuck in a contract for a house
Once these things were done, I was free. Despite all the money I lost, I would do it all again, no regrets. Here are a few quick notes for some very special people.

  • To Oliver Jefferies: Oli, we shared some fantastic times together and I could have not asked for more. We shared so much in common and the fact you live 2 floors below me changed nothing- you felt like a close neighbour. One of the nicest people I have ever met, who is morally sound and would never do anything to anyone. As my fellow chemistry student, lets just say we shared the same pain! A fellow Pokemon nerd, we spent so many hours of procrastination on that game and other games and general hanging around. I'll be sure to visit, take care man. All the best
  • To Phil Murphy: Well phil, my at first quiet neighbour... what a card you turned out to be. We were very close friends with very similar senses of humour. We also shared some fantastic times I would do all over again. Apart from that time when we were woken by the sound of Andy f***ing someones brains out... For all the irish dialect I picked up, your harry impresonations, all the hilrious conversations with renfred, not forgetting hundreds of wee bevy breaks. I will so come back to see what the craic is, maybe go to a club and be awkward together with our thumbs up based dance moves.
  • James Rooney: You weren't even in our house! Well you basically were. For more pokemon antics, that time when you helped me with the maths stuff, and oh god the steinway piano... thanks so much, see you around.
  • The rest of my housemates (even Haaziq): You guys were awesome. What can I say, read down the blog for all our antics throughout the year, especially with me and tom. All the best everyone.
  • Gravity Vomit, the juggling club: What would I have done without you all! Never met so many jugglers who taught me so much. So sorry for leaving the committee, we would have rocked the juggling world with our awesomeness. Keep on juggling and being the best society for miles, and good luck Scott, you'll be great.
All in all, I had the time of my life. But you all know why I left now. I am taking a year out to make some money back, and apply for new places. I intend to study primary school training, specialising in art. I will be either at Bath spa or Reading, so I will only be a walk or a train away.

take care everyone

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